B6A9FC39-84D2-4B7D-8774-37480FE84603I promise if am not dead am dedicated,she dug into her pockets but never looking for gold only warmth..burrowed her teeth into his skin but wasn’t thirsty for blood but wished to leave him a souvenoir
Too bad it was too late to go back ,back to the older self, way back to the older me who cared so much,who never knew what was a day without the sound if her voice,this time days turned to weeks,weeks grew to fortnites, sometimes when you are not wanted somewhere you may as well pack your bags and leave😭She told him,if you truly loved me why did you leave??He said,“because it is not everything you love you keep”😐
Sometimes you ever feel like you can go back in time,not to change anything,but to feel a couple things twice☹️like you ever have this good feeling when you meet someone so great in your life and all you think is “shit!it’s gonna hurt when you leave!”
Some day i am sure i will be unravelled,
that am a couple crumbled letters trying to compose words to get the perfect rhymes to get your soul on board in a pursuit of my `wildest dreams’
Just like the combination of characters in the alphabet .One sound requires the other in a keyboard set up without some keys data cannot be processed to deliver information.I thought i would figure how to communicate without them but sadly the truth unravelled itself to me.Our network of communication is faded just like the keyboard i use . It doesn’t have the ‘U’ sound maybe because ‘U ‘ were the missing part inside of me to make me feel whole again!
The letter ‘Y’ was lose maybe it had fled since i tried to figure the reason ‘Y’ i wasn’t the one for you!!
I was deprived of the letter ‘X’ maybe because i didn’t have one under the name tag in my past and was not looking for a rebound in my search to procure you as my lover . Honestly i had never fell so hard for anyone so hard like i did for you the pain inside me had manifested and turned to physical pain.I don’t understand how the very existence of someone without a mere influence in your day activities can kill you inside so bad😏Just like you can close your eyes to things you don’t want to see you can’t close your heart to things you don’t want to feel🤨I naturally gravitatate to you maybe it’s our chemistry ,maybe it’s our connection,maybe it’s our history or maybe we were just mean’t to be😔
You ever look at the simple things in life like a pale blue sky,gentle wind or even a storm cloud on the horizon.You open your heart to the simple breathe of life.Sometimes being vulnerable can actually be a strength ….like you are so firm about everything but there is this one soul that makes you feeble…🤨
What if i promise i will find the parts of your heart where the cracks reveal the light and bring back to you a description of heaven within you!!!😇

Forget me so we can meet again🥀

I have not lost myself but found myself in you,i have not lost memories because that’s where you are found 💥

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Today she looked so beautiful that the ocean forgot its pearls , the wind lost its fragrance and even the moon ditched its stars tonight,she loved the ocean because every time the waves left the shore they always came back…maybe this time he was back with fire,energy and all the love in the world…i always had an admiration,we lost touch but you never left my imagination. If i could gift wrap the globe i would give you the world🌍…i told her i would bring down heaven on earth and offer it to her hand but i realized she was just from there and just trying to get back home.i wish i could tell her how i really feel inside that am the perfect nigga for her,but then maybe that’s a lie….you will never know pain until you look into the eyes of someone you love and they look away🤒come with me to a place where i will give you my all,no internet,no phones just us two,seeping booze in the night near a fire,making memories,i will be waiting for dawn while looking into the calm shiny sky,since on that day all the stars are closer,take my hand and let us go to the place where the sun meet the moon.where fire dances with water.Take my hand and show me what chaos look in the order of love😌i would never want to lose a diamond because no amount of pebbles can match the dime💎i don’t want to lose you but i don’t want to obligate you to be with me🥀
I know you have a soul that angels crave for,a heart that maybe broken, i will find the cracks in it reveal the light and bring you the description of heaven within you.⚡️

I don’t see the end of this bumpy road so don’t show it to me.If you hold on,l’ll hold on tighter.It might be hard to continue to heaven but i swear by my eternity,that an end would be a hell hardly worth it.So hold on with your hands of prayer and patience .Hold onto all that you believe is true.Hold on in this night of sorrows ,for a sunrise of hope and happiness that is due⛅️🌈

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“Just because i don’t talk to you doesn’t mean i don’t love you, i am just distancing myself because i know i can’t have you”
Outside the windows the day was bright ;golden sunshine,blue sky, pleasant wind… he wanted to punch the happy day in the face,grab it by the hair and beat it until it told him what it was so happy about😏

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He was hurt inside ,broken pieces of his heart would crackle as he walked down the street,he wished his shadow would let him have this walk alone, reevaluating, having one precious thing at one second and the other you lost it, just like when your mpesa `confirmed’to your ‘failed to transact’ feel me? He confirmed his unsatisfied ego and it taught him he was a coward,not that he could back down from a fight brought to him but he couldn’t open up… his ego just couldn’t let him say words like ‘ily’ to the ones he truly love the most🕯.Maybe she waited, maybe he over did it💊,she went from being his drug to the reason he use them🚬💉he was scared to love scared to open up until he met her, he felt comfort in her but felt as if he wasn’t good enough,he was insecure to be ever loved by her,acted as if he didn’t care so that she wouldn’t see he was in pain,agonizing pain he brought on himself,she was sand he was waves every time she inched closer he pulled away😪,she was hard to love,And that’s what he wanted💡not an averager, he couldn’t settle for less, ever heard of the phrase the heart wants what it wants , it was better felt when it referred to her,sometimes you don’t know what you are up against when you open up to someone😏,risk it all , ;having a broken heart is like having a broken rib,nobody can see it but it hurts every breath💔
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Tomorrow we don’t know what is there for us, that’s why we hope for a new day, hope to see things a little different from yesterday☺️that’s why yester’s newspaper is never the same as todays😁be greatful to the Supreme for your current situation instead of lamenting on things you can’t control🙏🏾*wyaet* 🗣

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